September 12, 2010

A Simple Guide to Being the Biggest Dick in World at War

Call of Duty: World at War, perhaps the greatest game in the Call of Duty franchise, with only a single flaw preventing pure perfection, the god damn MP40. Everyone uses the MP40 due to the simple fact it is fully automatic and kills everyone not using juggernaut in three shots. If you want to be competitive in CoD:WaW you will eventually need to pick up the MP40.

Now you may be saying but Tyaust I have morals and using the MP40 is a sin, etc. etc. Well here's what I have to say shut the hell up and use that bloody gun because your game will improve a lot, trust me because I'm a random guy on the internet who blogs about video games.

So now that I've convinced you to throw a large chunk of your morals in the trash can I will get rid of the rest once I teach you young padawans how you can raise your K/D ratio with a few simple perks and attachments.

Your primary weapon is the reason why we cannot have nice things, the MP 40 with dual magazines. For your secondary weapon It doesn't matter at all, just pick up another gun like a Type 100 or PPSH from your victims. Your first tier perk can be anything you want really other then bandolier due to the fact that everyone uses an MP 40 so ammo is not a problem. I personally recommend using bomb squad so you don't die from a random bouncing betty.

Remember how I said you had to get rid of all your morals, well I wasn't joking so stop your whining and use juggernaut like the good little asshole you are about to become. Udunnojack uses double tap on his MP 40 class, which does work well, but I prefer juggernaut due to the fact that you will be getting shot at 24/7 for being public enemy number 1.

For your third tier perk use steady aim. Now this is how you will become the biggest asshole in the game and cause people to rage quit while getting a very nice K/D ratio. Because we have steady aim on and dual magazines your iron sights will become fairly useless so just point the cross hairs in the general vicinity of your enemy and spray. Repeat as necessary until everything, everywhere, has become a corpse.

Congratulations, you have became the reason why we cannot have nice things. With this class you will be receiving threats of physical violence against you, your family and your pets. But hey, you just went 41 and 6 on Makin Day and made half the enemy team quit so who cares.

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