August 30, 2010

XBOX Live Price Increase

Microsoft has decided to increase the price of XBOX Live gold memberships by $10. So let's see how much consumer backlash Microsoft will get for this. As you probably already know the Playstation Network is free and is always used as a comparison. The thing people continuously forget is that Sony is still in the red after releasing the PS3. Microsoft has profited from the 360 and charging for online has helped them be profitable.

My biggest problem with the price increase is that despite all the ads that Microsoft is putting on the dashboard the prices our not dropping. The nice thing with Microsoft's price is that it is a fairly reasonable price for what we get. At $5 per month that is one third the price of a World of Warcraft subscription. Hopefully with the added revenue from this price increase Microsoft can provide us with some more moderation, because I'm pretty sure that everyone is tired of all the 10th prestige lobby spam from just playing one game of MW2.

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